ItemMaster Announcement

DATE: July 3, 2018
TO: Certco Supplier Partners

Certco’s Mission:
To provide the Independent Grocer with the best available services in Wholesale Grocery. Offer the greatest variety and best delivered cost with a staff who understands the urgency of service needed to supply a successful Retail Organization.

Certco strives to offer the best customer experience by consistently exceeding expectations and offering a pleasant shopping atmosphere designed to build customer loyalty. Certco helps their retailers better serve their customers with our wide assortment of available product categories.

Certco partnered with ItemMaster to help deliver on our product information commitment. ItemMaster creates and organizes product content for consumer-facing grocery shoppers by providing a repository of core item information to retailers. Each product records’ data and imagery then fuels today’s data-driven retail marketplace across all channels. ItemMaster streamlines the creation and management of high-quality product images and structured data in as little as 6 days. The exceptional content created by ItemMaster is then reviewed and verified by you, the product manufacturer, to be accurate and truly reflective of your brand.

Certco is dedicated to delivering the best shopping experience for all retailers and their shoppers. A key requirement in achieving this goal is the commitment to complete and consistent product information, including product images, across all of our manufacturer suppliers. This commitment ensures that Certco, our Retailers and each of our vendors have accurate and robust product content, which we know drives more sales.

For us to achieve our goals, we are asking our manufacturer suppliers to partner with ItemMaster. We realize many of you are already ItemMaster clients as many items are already activated on the ItemMaster platform. Thank you! For those of you who are not yet partnered with ItemMaster, we are asking you to sign up with ItemMaster today.

To get started, please visit the Certco Supplier Landing Page or you may contact them directly at

We look forward to working together to better drive sales!

Robert Collins
Director of IT

David Ryman
Vice President Sales and Marketing