2020 Scholarship Winners

Each year, Certco awards two $1,000 academic scholarships to the children or grandchildren of Certco employees. The scholarship committee met in December, and we’re pleased to announce the scholarship winners.

We were also able to award the $1,000 #CertcoProud scholarship for the second year in a row. The CertcoProud scholarship goes to a student who stood out to the committee as someone that is deserving and destined to do great things.

The 2020 winners are:
High school senior: Elise Mousseau (daughter of Michael Mousseau)
College: Allison Keller (daughter of Paul Keller)
CertcoProud: Jasmyne Rosario-Weezorak (daughter of Jason Weezorak)

Congrats to all of the winners!

It is a difficult decision each year to pick the winners. There are more qualified applicants than scholarships available. The committee uses a standardized scoring rubric to ensure fairness in the decision-making process.

Thanks to everyone who applied, and thanks to Certco for sponsoring this wonderful initiative. We would also like to thank our committed committee members: Dan Drake, Andy Archie, Brooke Myers, and Daniel Arreola.

Dan Stout, Nan Strennen, Nicole Anderson (Committee Co-chairs)