About Certco, Inc.

Certco’s original name was Central Wisconsin Cooperative Food Stores. We began in 1930 when five retailers in the Madison area joined together to get lower prices through combined purchasing. In 1942, we established a warehouse. Using a downtown garage as our distribution center, we began our venture. In 1956, the company name was changed to Certified Grocer’s CO-OP. In 1962, the distribution center was moved to its current location, and in 1975, the name was changed to Certco, Inc.

Today, Certco services over 200 stores throughout Wisconsin, Illinois, Minnesota and Iowa. We have added on to our main distribution center numerous times, installed an HBC/GM and Specialty Foods facility and a new freezer facility. Certco currently has just under 1 million sq. ft. of distribution space with room to grow. We currently distribute over 59,000 items for today’s independent grocery retailer.

Executive Team