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Certco's full-service Advertising Department can give you the ad program you need to compete in your market. Marketing, branding and advertising that help position your store in your market. We can develop programs that promote your image and position in the marketplace. Your brand is your identity. Let us know how we can help you!

Contact Emily Mallahan at 360-739-5555.

Information Technology

Certco IT offers a variety of services to our customers. From handheld order machines to our comprehensive customer and vendor portals, we help you do business. We provide website hosting, design, and development, and a variety of digital marketing services from social media to email marketing and online advertising. Our trained technicians also provide phone and email support for order machine issues.

Contact Information Technology at 608-271-4500.

Retail Support

Our Retail Support staff is an extension of your business, helping out where and whenever needed. Whatever the project or issue you are working on, our expert staff is at your disposal. All of our retail support staff members have many years of retail experience. They have been in your shoes and can relate to your needs and help you with a wide variety of things whether it's Meat, Deli, Bakery, produce, center store or any operational needs. We are skilled in remerchandising, consulting, gross profit analysis, strategic planning, and many other business-related challenges. Contact us today!

Contact Pat O'Toole at 262-951-0890.

Certco Solutions

Certco offers several solutions to today’s independent retailer, from the latest in retail technology, incentive programs, and other turnkey services you can provide to your customer. All designed to keep you competitive at an affordable cost to you.

Retail Accounting

Certco provides a full-service Retail Accounting Department. We offer a wide range of accounting services including preparing monthly bank reconciliations, compilation of monthly financial statements which include a balance sheet and income statement, a sales per week per labor hour comparison and others as necessary and requested. Prepare and file monthly state sales tax returns, prepare corporate and individual income tax returns of store owners, process payroll weekly and biweekly, prepare quarterly tax forms, year-end tax forms including the W-2, schedule full store inventories, as necessary.

Contact Andy Marschall at 608-278-2254..

Trade Shows

We have a Spring and Fall trade show, deli/bakery seminars and meat seminars to help keep you involve, informed and up to date with everything that is going on in the grocery industry. So, don’t miss out on these great events.

Food Show new items

Our Warehouses

We currently have just under 1 million sq. ft. of distribution space with room to grow. We distribute over 59,000 items for today’s independent grocery retailer.

Handheld Ordering and Support Devices

Honeywell EDA50

The Honeywell ScanPal EDA50 is our current order machine. It allows retailers to order products from Certco and provide the person on the floor key information to help plan their ordering. Certco partners with Honeywell and Zebra to provide our clients with Honeywell’s mobile handheld computer ordering system and shelf tag printing solutions. We provide a customized ordering application designed by grocery professionals and grocery end-users. Our ordering application evolves regularly as new features and updates are deployed to meet your needs.