2021 Scholarship winners

Congratulations, Certco Scholarship Winners!

Each year Certco offers scholarship opportunities to the children or grandchildren of current employees. After receiving the applications, essays and transcripts, a rubric is used to determine the winners.

This year Certco’s Financial Wellness Team was able to select three academic scholarship winners from many impressive applications.

The scholarships are $1,500 each. One for a high school senior, one for a continuing undergrad and a third scholarship that we call Certco Proud. This third scholarship goes to a student that may not have had the highest score in the rubric but impressed the committee as someone destined to great success.

The 2021 winners are:
High School – Amanda Welch (daughter of Peter Welch)
College – Lauren McMahon (daughter of Kim McMahon)
Certco Proud – Tyler Helbing (grandson of Ron Prohaska, who recently retired after 58 years of loyal service to Certco!)

Congratulations, Winners!!